New Unit Managers!

A new generation of Unit Managers was recently hired so we’ve put together a brief bio on all of them. Be sure to read below to find out who will be leading each BuDS Unit for the coming 2013-2014 academic year!


Blue Room Unit Manager: Victor Chang

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: Valley Stream, Long Island, NY

Favorite BuDS Food: Gate Pizza

What is Victor most excited about being a UM? 

"Being able to meet people in a new unit and working with an awesome SMT"


Carts Unit Manager: Daniella Flores

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: "Originally from Cuba, but I came to the US when I was 8"

Favorite BuDS Food: Baked potato soup, yum!

What is Daniella most excited about being a UM?

"I’m excited to be able to work on my own schedule and have a bigger impact on the unit as a whole."


Cashiers Unit Manager: Ashlyn Koga

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: Mililani, Hawai’i

Favorite BuDS Food: "When the Ratty has Beef Pot Pie + Peas + Mini Croissants + Cheesecake."

What is Ashlyn most excited about being a UM?

"I am excited to get to know all the amazing people in the Cashiers Unit and to contribute to the betterment of the BuDS organization with all of you!"


Catering Prep Unit Manager: Rei Ukita

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: Japan/Houston, TX

Favorite BuDS Food: Blue Room Muffins

What is Rei most excited about being a UM? 

"The pay rate, the flexible schedule, and the responsibilities!"


Dining Unit Manager: Kevin Hutchins

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: Rockledge, Florida

Favorite BuDS Food: "Either Cajun Chicken Pasta or Ivy Room Falafel"

What is Kevin most excited about being a UM? 

"Having an assistant manager, rather than being one!"


Gate Unit Manager: Jessica Perales

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite BuDS Food: Five Cheese Ham & Bacon Pizza from the Gate

What is Jessica most excited about being a UM? 

"I’m most excited about having a more active role in running the Gate, especially being a part of the location change that will happen in this coming year :)"


Ivy Room Unit Manager: Pa Vue

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Favorite BuDS Food: Blue Room Chocolate Mint Cookies!

What is Pa most excited about being a UM? 

"Working with a new unit!"


Jo’s Unit Manager: Thai-Son Vu

Graduation Year: 2014

Hometown: "I was born in a small town in rural South Vietnam, but I have lived most of my life in Omaha, Nebraska."

Favorite BuDS Food: "I count down the minutes until The Gate opens on Monday’s and I can feast upon their bounty of chicken wings."

What is Thai-Son most excited about being a UM? 

"I am most excited to have an excused to spend an obscene amount of time at Jo’s and not feel guilty about it."

Be sure to stop by the Gate tonight (4/10/13) for Gnocchi Night!

Get to know your UMs: Favorite Foods

In the spirit of Unit Manager hiring, I decided it’s time that the BuDS work force got to know the current UMs a little bit better. And what better way to do that than through our stomachs? 

If you’re a Gate worker and get my daily digests, you should already know that I love food so choosing my favorite foods was quite the task! Some of the other members of the Student Management Team had the same problem but we narrowed it down to this list! Enjoy!

Casey | Gate UM: BBQ Ribs and any Sushi with Salmon [and Rice!]


Catie | Ivy Room UM: Sloppy Joes and Mac n’ Cheese


April | Blue Room UM: Dumplings and Clementines [and Yogurt]


Krissia | Blue Room AUM: Hummus and Animal Crackers [and Granola]


Mike Q. | OM: Broccoli


Mike B. | Jo’s UM: Anything Vegetarian covered in Blue Cheese Dressing and Eggplant Parmegiana


Jerrica | Carts UM: Sushi and Asparagus


Kachapol | Cashiers UM: Tater tots and Pad Thai

Salvador | Catering Prep UM: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and Rocky Road Ice Cream


Kevin | Dining AUM: Spinach and Mushroom Pizza


Sharmala | Dining UM: Anything the Kardashians are eating [Just kidding?]


Josh | GM: Any and all New Mexican Food:


The Joys of Being a Unit Manager

Have you ever wondered what BuDS Student Managers do all day? On the fence about whether or not you should apply?

The time for such questions is over, as we have brought together all of the current student managers to say what they love most about their jobs. Their answers range from the practical to the fantastical so be sure to read more and find out what being a BuDs Manager is all about.

The Question: What is your favorite thing about being a BuDS Manager?

The Practical


Sal | Catering Prep UM: “You get to work on your own schedule.”

Krissia | Blue Room AUM: “You get to show up to work whenever it works best for you. And you get to decide where you want to work.”

Catie | Ivy Room UM: “I really appreciate the free partial meal plan.”

Kachapol | Cashier UM: “I really enjoy giving commendations and of course writing Blog Posts.”

The Community


Jerrica | Carts UM: “Having the chance to work in the chamber of secrets (the Office in the SMO) is great!”

Shar | Dining UM: “Having an assistant Unit Manager to help me out, share the responsibility and work with!”

April | Blue Room UM: “I love throwing Blue Room parties and being a boss.”

Kevin | Dining AUM: “Working with professionals is fun. Occasionally we get the chance to bond with them over dinner.”

Mike Quinn | Office Manger: “Working with a great group of people is the best. I also enjoy he whiteboard.”

The Fantastical


Casey | Gate UM: “Coming up with new recipes and planning special events is great!”

Mike Bohl | Jo’s UM and Previous Ivy Room Unit Manager of two years: “My absolute favorite thing is seeing proposals come to fruition and making an everlasting impact on the Brown Community!”

The Bottom Line

Josh | General Manager: The UM Pay rate is $14.35 an hour.

The Blue Room Supervisors decide to take a break from sandwich making for a little Harlem Shake…

Meet the New Supervisors!!

After another round of supervisor hiring I hope you will join me in congratulating our newly hired supervisors:

Clare Kim - Blue Room

Ziwei Tang - Dining Production

Qingliu Yang - Dining Production

Michaela Jacobs - Dining Production

Oladele Ojo - Carts

Steven Balog - Gate

This week we will be introducing the new supervisors. In order to do this we decided that the best way to do so was through interviews.


The new supervisors were asked to answer a few serious interview questions. They had a choice to answer two out of eleven questions. Interestingly enough, the most answered question was about a zombie apocalypse…I guess this tells us what our new leaders think the future holds for humanity. After much thought, here are the answers they came up with.

1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

Kim: The Doctor

Balog: I would be Batman because he gets up every time he is knocked down, whether it is physically or mentally.

2. If you were a BuDS food item, what food item would you be?

Yang: Pizza dough. I always need to rest, and sometimes I get stretched too thin.

3. If you had a time machine where would you go?

Tang:Definitely reformation period! 16th Century Tudor England!

4. Favorite Quote?

Ojo: Decisions based on emotions aren’t decisions, at all. They’re instincts. Which can be of value. The rational and the irrational compliment each other. Individually they’re far less powerful. - Raymond Tusk (House of Cards)

5. If you could trade places with any person living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?

Tang: Either Henry VIII or Elizabeth I.

6. What two weapons would you bring to a zombie apocalypse?

Yang: A cloack of invisibility and un-smell-ibility, and a self invented sharp, zombie-brain-seeking missile that self-cleans and returns safely to my pocket and keeps me company like Siri.

Ojo: Bastard sword and crossbow.

Balog: The two weapons I would bring to a zombie apocalypse would be a rifle, because it’s reliable, and a katana, because it’s too awesome not to bring.

Kim: An axe-gun and a jetpack.

This interview brought to you by Blue Room Cashiers AUM Krissia Rivera.

What’s New at the Blue Room


Hand model slash Blue Room supervisor Jordan Place shows off his Naked Burrito creation.

Naked Burritos!

[available Tuesdays and Fridays after 4pm]

Naked Burritos are like burrito bowls you could find on Thayer but BETTER

  1. You can use meal credits to buy them.
  2. You don’t have to pay $2 extra for guacamole.
  3. There are so many options for toppings (like olives, cilantro, and diced red onions) and sauces (like chipotle ranch and cilantro lime).
  4. You can get as much or as little as you want (it’s pay-by-the-pound, just like Kabob & Curry and Shanghai).
  5. They come in totally compostable, totally earth-friendly containers!

Eco-friendly Salad Containers


These new compostable containers (found at the Naked Burrito Bar and in the deli line for salad-lovers) are awesome. As culinary genius Aaron Fitzenry says, these containers “fit the Brown Dining ethos,” because they are made from plants and have the potential to turn into soil.

We’ve fully embraced the new containers at the Blue Room, but at the Jo’s Salad Bar, you’ll be able to choose between the old container and the new one. But which should you choose?

The old containers:

Pros: The lid stays on tighter, which is good if you’re on the go or really like shaking the contents of your salad around.

Cons: The earth hates them. Plus, the dressing goes straight to the bottom and makes your spinach soggy.

The new containers:

Pros: They are made from plants and given the opportunity can turn into soil. Also, your fork can actually reach the bottom of the container so there’s no risk of getting raspberry vinaigrette all over your hands.

Cons: The lid will probably fall off if you’re not careful, so be careful!

You might think that the ultimate con of the new containers is that they are smaller than the old ones. But prepare to have your minds blown, because they are actually the same size!

Aaron proves it with Craisins:

The State of BuDS

Hello Everyone,

I hope that your semesters have gotten off to a great start. Now that the blizzard has passed and the semester continues to progress as usual I’d like to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about the organization and some new resources for this semester.

First off, I’d like to offer my personal thanks to everyone who came in to work throughout The Blizzard. Through your combined efforts, were we able to not only keep the Ratty open, but we were able to offer food and services to the entire Brown Community: students, faculty and staff alike.

It may not always be obvious when working your normal shift; whether that entails making sandwiches at the Blue Room, swiping ID cards in the VW or gathering supplies in Catering Prep; but if The Blizzard has reminded us of nothing else, it should be that the work you do as part of BuDS is in service of not merely Brown University, but the community at large.

And to thank you all I’m happy to announce that you should be receiving your BuDS free drink sticker in your mailbox today. Used in conjunction with a reusable mug, presentation of this sticker allows you to order a free brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or fountain soda drink at The Gate, Blue Room, Jo’s, Ivy Room and any of the Carts.

In addition I am excited to announce that starting today we are launching a new facebook group for all BuDS workers/cashiers. This group is meant to serve as a BuDS community resource. If you have ever needed a shift trade and have had difficulty finding someone to trade shifts with, then this group is for you. Communicate with fellow workers, pose questions to managers, and help build the BuDS community!

Follow this link to join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BuDSStudentWorkers/

Participation in the group is not required, but is recommended for anyone and everyone who may need help finding someone to cover a shift.

The official rules of the group are listed in the details section as well as posted in the group itself. Be sure to read the rules before posting.

Anthony’s Farewell Address

Hi all,

I hope your finals are going well, and that you’re ready for break. Friday is my last day as General Manager, so I’m taking this opportunity to give you my Farewell Address.


For the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving you all as Cashier Manager and then as General Manager. I did my best to make sure that everyone had a great time working for BuDS.


I did, however, have to be tough occasionally.


I worked with a lot of really great supervisors and managers along the way.


One of them was Josh, our new GM, who is going to make all of your BuDS wishes come true.


In all seriousness, it’s been truly great working with you all, and though I’ll miss being a manager, I’m very excited for my last semester as a worker and Office Assistant.




A Dinner with the General Managers

Hey all, this is Kevin Hutchins, the Assistant Unit Manager for Dining.  As the reins of power are being handed over in a peaceful process akin to the presidency, I thought it would be a good chance to get a glimpse into the minds of the outgoing and incoming General Managers, Anthony Calcagni and Josh Espinoza.  What follows is a conversation that started off understanding why they got where they are and developed into talking about superpowers and video games. Enjoy.

Q: Why did you choose BuDS?

Anthony Calcagni:  I saw advertisements around campus, though I initially wanted to work at the bookstore, but it wasn’t as student-friendly as I wanted.  BuDS was run by students, easy to sign up for, and offered a lot of places where I could work.


Look familiar?

Josh Espinoza:  I thought about other jobs as well, but was impatient and just decided to sign up for BuDS during freshman orientation.

Q: What was the first unit you chose to work at, and why did you choose it?

JE: I worked at the Gate because I lived on Pembroke, so I thought it would make sense to work close to where I lived. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought through the fact that it was a closing shift.  From that point on I opted for morning shifts in the Blue Room.

AC: I started in Catering Prep and Jo’s, enjoyed the organizational aspect of Catering Prep and how many people you get to interact at Jo’s.  I had the FishCo shift on Wednesday nights, that was a lot of fun.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to advance in BuDS?

AC: When I was told by former Blue Room UM Aaron Zick that I should apply for cashier UM, I realized I had more time than I thought to devote to the organization so I applied.

JE:  I was also told by Aaron Zick to apply for supervisor. He found me on shift and told me I should apply and that the deadline was in two hours.

Former Blue Room UM Aaron Zick

Q: Was the GM position everything you expected, both at the end of your career, Anthony, and the beginning, Josh?

AC:  I had no idea how often the GM worked or what they did at the beginning of my career, when I applied I didn’t see exactly how my job would go.  It turns out it is a lot more of “putting out fires” and solving problems when they arise.

JE:  Issues that come to the GM position are often serious because the chain of command can handle small problems.  Another thing I’m coming to learn that working as GM is a much lonelier prospect than working as a UM, since I don’t interact directly with workers and supervisors as much as I used to.

Q: What are two attributes you appreciate most in a BuDS worker?

JE:  Empathy and strong work ethic: the best BuDS workers combine a desire to do well with an understanding of the obligations of working a job, while still having the empathy to understand what’s going on in the jobs/lives of other workers, supervisors, and managers and the connections between them.

AC: Communicativeness and self-awareness, knowing and being able to use the resources that are available to them, and knowing when they have problems to solve they can reach out to their supervisors and managers to help them out.

Q: What general advice do you have for anyone who wanted to advance in BuDS?

AC: Realize how much time you can take when taking on an increased role in the organization, and think about what you can do to improve the organization.

JE: I think it’s great that people are interested in advancing and bolstering their responsibilities within BuDS.  There are also leadership positions such as Commencement Coordinator that are shorter-term that people can apply for.  If you don’t get the first position you apply for, there are numerous positions to continue to apply for so don’t give up after the first go.

Q: What is your favorite BuDS food and what is your favorite food?

JE: Ivy Room falafel is my favorite BuDS food, but never with tomatoes, because it introduces too much sogginess.  My favorite regular food is breakfast burritos, again because it is wrapped up deliciousness.  I also like anything with chile peppers and tortillas.

AC:  Cajun Chicken Pasta at the Ratty, but my favorite food in general is buffalo chicken pizza, both of these because they are spicy.

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Which would you fight?

AC: Horses, play to win.

JE:  I would appreciate the challenge of fighting the duck, since I assume it would be delicious to eat afterwards as well.

Q:  If you could have one superpower what would it be?

AC: The ability to move through space and time at will.

JE:  Telekinesis, being able to manipulate all of matter can extrapolate to other powers, such as creating vacuums and moving faster than the speed of light to travel back in time.

AC:  Actually, I want that power.

Q: What’s your favorite video game?

AC:  Mass Effect 1, it had great storytelling and awesome action.

JE:  I hated Mass Effect 1, the loading screens disguised as elevators undermined the whole experience for me.  My favorite game is Carcasssone for Xbox, such a great board game that works well on a console.

AC:  I think Josh is an idiot.

There’s no capes in Mass Effect

Q: What’s been your favorite class at Brown?

JE: Science fiction cinema, there were no elevators in that class.

AC: I really liked the Constitutional Law class I took this semester; it gave me a good sense of the rich legal history of the United States.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?

JE:  The Simpsons is transcendentally the greatest show of all time, explaining a lot of issues through the lens of the family, while being hilarious.

AC:  My answer is Futurama, because it does everything The Simpsons does but smarter.

If you have any other questions for these gentleman or myself, you can reach us at:

Kevin Hutchins: kevin_hutchins@brown.edu
Anthony Calcagni: anthony_calcagni@brown.edu
Josh Espinoza: joshua_espinoza@brown.edu